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If I ever had any intentions of "this" going anywhere, why would I start it with something other than the real me?

Yes, I love my jeans and flip flops, but I also love getting dressed up and looking beautiful standing next to you.

She also has a wonderful lifestyle community called Samira’s Table.

From your time in corporate tax law to helping businesses achieve their full potential with Salman Solutions, which elements of your career have most inspired and motivated you?

Play it safe until you know what level of Kashrut I keep.

- Don’t come up to me in Shul after one day and pretend like you are my best friend - just because you have seen me accidentally doesn’t mean I want to say hi (warning: if you do so, I will be awkward).

Hmmm, internally I said OK, so that's me, buckle up because here we go again....

As the days turn to weeks and months, you start to realize who I really am.

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