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4e Apocalyptica: S/T 10e Apollo: S/T 10e Apulanta: Kunnes siit tuli totta book-format Tonin, Sipen ja Villen nimmareilla ex- 15e Atem: Nouse kaus pimeyteen digipak UUSI (muoveissa) 7e Babitzin, Sammy: Sammy 10e Balls: Change when balls want to change ex- 8e Barnhill Boys: Hillbilly Spacecraft remastered 13e Beatfools: nesi kuulen 2 EP. Desert digipak 4e Apocalyptica: Shadowmaker 10e Apocalyptica: Plays Metallica by four cellos suomi-orig.

a must, that I go see them in the wilds of Durham, again as a duo. Texas-born Noel Mc Kay and his partner North Dakota-born Brennen Leigh are both incredible songwriters. 5e Ancara: Beyond the dark 10e Anglia: All 6e Antipope. 1 : Control digipak UUSI (muoveissa) 10e *Leevi and the Leavings: Suomen parhaat 10e *Kirka: Parhaat Base Beat -92 5e *Mieskone: Voisitko vihelt 5e *Tolonen, Jukka: On the rocky road 2-CD 8e Aimo, A: Kohdatessa 1936-47 10e Absoluuttinen Nollapiste: Pisara ja lammas 1 10e Absoluuttinen Nollapiste: Sukututkimus lannistaa CDS PS "nytelevy"-tarra bookletissa) 8e Advance Art: Product ex- 15e Agents & Vesa Haaja: Go go 4e Agents: Agents is here 5e Agents: Forever 4e Agents & Jorma Kriinen: Laulava sydn 2-Cd ex- 7e Agents & Jorma Kriinen/Jussi & the Boys: Pop show 5e Agents & Vesa Haaja: Go go 5e Agents & Jorma Kriinen: Is tonight 4e Agents & Jorma Kriinen: Is best vol. 1 4e Agents & Jorma Kriinen: Is all right 4e Agents: Is more 4e Agents: Is back ex- 3e Ahvenlahti, Olli: The Poet 10e Alanko, Ismo: Ruuhkainen taivas ex- 4e Alanko, Ismo Sti: Sisinen solarium digipak 6e Alanko, Ismo: Kun Suomi putos puusta 5e Amorphis: Far from the sun Suomi-orig.Performing in such an intimate and unique venue that had lingerie hanging in the window and a well-stocked bar plus, washing machines with boxes of old washing powders perched on top for company- you had to be there to absorb the vibe.It was like they were sharing their music with a bunch of old friends but always in a professional manner.

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