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On the show, Carstens said, “If this was me, this is the one I would go for.

Brett Wilson said he was thinking of going on a date with one of The Real Housewives of Vancouver, his son Russell begged him not to do it. Wilson’s trademark charm must have won her over, though, as the pair has connected again, albeit away from the cameras. It’s more quality than quantity.” Wilson was one of four bachelors Carstens presented to Zilba, although he was only described as a wealthy entrepreneur, no names or pictures involved.

“I said, ‘Jeez, that’s not how they described Mary.’ He said, ‘Mary? But it’s a bit of a Brett-o-mercial,” Zilba said to the camera. She wants to put her time and energy into the right people.

His son changed his tune, however, when he learned exactly which one of the housewives his dad was being set up with. “I think it’s cute that he brought me these things. “It’s like finding a house: there are lots for sale, but nobody wants to waste time looking at everything, especially someone who is a high-profile VIP.

Earlier in the episode, Zilba and buddy Robin Reichman met up with Carstens to look over four potential mates, and the matchmaker singled out Wilson, part owner of the Nashville Predators and a National Post columnist, as her top pick.“He’s the whole package,” Carstens said.

Their date, arranged by matchmaker Jane Carstens at the request of Real Housewives producers, took place on a patio overlooking Vancouver.

Real Housewives of Vancouver sweetheart Mary Zilba has a new asset to brag about.

Besides her legendarily prominent cheekbones and alleged pop star past, she’s also bagged herself a billionaire date: former Dragon’s Den panelist and Canadian entrepreneur W. The pair was brought together by matchmaker Jane Carstens, and their first date at Seasons in the Park was featured on the Real Housewives season finale on Tuesday.

She’s nice.’ So Mary was already Russell-endorsed by the time I went to visit.” Wilson went on a meet-and-greet with Mary Zilba as part of the popular Slice reality TV series that follows the high-octane shenanigans of a group of six wealthy women in Lotus Land.

He is the whole package.” But why would Wilson, who has famously dated singer-songwriter Sarah Mc Lachlan and Top Chef Canada’s Lisa Ray, need or want to be set up?

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No more of that heartache, though."We have a really good relationship," Zilba said, speaking of her ex.