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Written for for nova25 for the 2004 Willowficathon.

The greatest advantage of online chat rooms is the facility of using any pseudonyms that protect your privacy.Feel free to keeping your identity secret from others, as long as you do not feel comfortable with them.Do you feel that restaurant or bars aren't the right locations to make friendship or get into a relationship?Warnings: implied hetsex between adults Spoilers: "Where the Wild Things Are" (Bt VS 4.18), S1 Angel up to "Five by Five" (Angel 1.18) Notes: Set shortly after "Where the Wild Things Are" (Bt VS 4.18) but before "Five by Five" (Angel 1.18) even though technically both episodes aired the same night [April 25, 2000].:) Word Count: 832 gravity that insists Pairing: Giles/Buffy Summary/Teaser: Through all the years, there has always been the two of them.It is better to avoid using all these words which are potentially not suited for a dignified Chat.


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