Fatima bhutto and george clooney dating

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Fatima bhutto and george clooney dating

"He's still out there with his usual assortment of Hollywood eye-candy hanging from his arm.

But George insists those days could be coming to an end if Fatima wants to take their relationship to the next level and spend some serious time with him in the US," a source said.

The pair allegedly met at an international conference last year, according to the National Enquirer, and "George has courted her by phone and email, and arranged to meet her abroad when their schedules allowed." Fatima is a 26-year-old poet and journalist and reportedly "wants to take their relationship to the next level" though she is well aware of George's "heart-throb rep".

I am posting the news item that appeared in the paper today.

By the way, Fatima, these days is working on a book about the history of Bhutto clan. Besides she contributes articles to different magazines and newspapers.

Her father met Ghinwa Bhutto, a Lebanese ballet teacher in 1989 during his exile in Syria and they married.

Bhutto considers Ghinwa to be her real mother and political mentor.

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So she’s educated.” According to The National Enquirer, Clooney is also said to be uncharacteristically serious about her, especially considering how smart and independent she is.

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