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"There are some qualities that your mate must have -- being honest, for example -- and others, such as movie-star looks, that should be thrown in the would-be-nice category," says Elizabeth R. D., author of "A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness." "Sit down and realistically figure out what characteristics are nonnegotiable and then be open-minded about the rest." BING: TOP DATING SITES Don't conclude that if you don't think you look cute, you don't look cute to someone else, says Paula Bloom, author of Why Does He Do That? ."So if you're running to the grocery store after the gym, and some guy starts talking to you and trying to make conversation with you, you may be thinking he just wants to talk to you when he's actually really trying to make a connection with you.

5"10" is average for white males in the US.6'2" is at the 95th percentile.5'7" is probably like 15th percentile or something. Face, money, physique, and personality all matter way more anyways at least Some girls like short guys. For running, it only limits you in the distances of 100m-400m.Have good teeth, good hair, stay fit, wear flattering clothes, smell nice, be a good person, and you will be fine and girls will never be an issue. In my high school days, myself and most other short runts went out for the wrestling & XC teams.Historically, most short cats are suited for comedian acting careers in films, theatre, nightclubs, etc...everybody loves a short funny guy 😅.When the same team took a survey of 181 college students, 29 per cent of women said they would feel “awkward” or “weird” dating a shorter guy, and both men and women in this sample were even more exacting about height: more than half of the women – 55 per cent – said they only wanted to date men who were taller, and 37 per cent of men said they would only go out with women who were shorter.But a preliminary new study suggests that shorter men might actually make better partners: They do a greater share of housework, earn a greater proportion of household income, and are less likely than their taller peers to get divorced.

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Many people feel more comfortable with shorter men. For life in general, it doesn't ever limit you, as in make it impossible to get any type of job or achieve any type of status or respect, but you'll be playing Life on Difficulty Mode: Hard, so to speak. Literally the first two hits on a Google search of sperm bank and size requirements prove you wrong.